Community Open House Event

April 27, 2024 | 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Hey Neighbor, You’re Invited!

Living City Farms is seeking to rezone our property on North Avenue. Join us for our Community Open House Event, where you’ll meet the people behind Living City Farms, learn our farming practices, and hear why we would like to rezone (from R3 to R1) later this year.

Event Details:

  • Day: Saturday, April 27th
  • Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Location: 695 North Avenue, Tallmadge, OH 44278

Why Attend?

Learn why we are seeking to rezone the property.
Meet the people who run the farm.
Ask questions about the farm.
Learn about regenerative farming practices
See the produce we grow and sell.
Hear about the crop sharing (CSA) program.

Where You Can Find Our Produce

Living City Farms started by growing fresh produce for local vegan restaurants in Akron (Ms. Julie’s Kitchen and Good Roots). Over the last few years, we’ve expanded our offerings and now produce fresh products for neighborhood farmer’s markets, crop-sharing programs (CSAs), local restaurants, and area food banks through the Ohio CAN program.

Our Online Store (open during the season)
Local CSA Program
Tallmadge Farmer’s Market
Ohio CAN Program
Restaurant Wholesaling
  • Brighton Brewery
  • Frank’s Place on Market
  • Kent Natural Foods
  • Lock 15 Brewing Company
  • Purplebrown Farm Store
  • Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Why Rezone to R1?

Rezoning the property from R3 to R1 allows us to continue operating the farm as we are now to support the community, farmer’s markets, and local food banks. The rezoning will also enable us to keep our high tunnel (hoop house) structures in place, extending our growing seasons and offering additional fresh produce to the market. A high tunnel is a covered structure used to extend the growing season outside the usual growing or harvest season. The heat trapped inside the high tunnels warms the soil enough to keep growth going—acting somewhat like a greenhouse. It protects plants from wind, frost, snow, or ice. Ohio’s weather can be fickle and unpredictable (as we all know!), and the high tunnels allow us to better manage the unpredictable weather in the early spring and late fall.

We Farm with a Purpose

We believe in farming with a purpose. To that end, we care deeply about how we farm and how we treat the land. We are guided by regenerative farming practices that heal the land, soil, natural cycles, and ecosystems. As stewards of this land, we believe healthy soil produces healthy food and healthier communities. The way we farm opens up several educational opportunities for the community to learn more about what we do. The farm is open to host workshops, learning events, farm tours, and field trips. By visiting the farm, you can learn the story behind where and how your food is grown.

Join us on April 27th!

Our Community Open House Event will run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, April 27th. Join us to meet the people behind Living City Farms, learn our farming practices, and hear why we would like to rezone (from R3 to R1) later this year.