About Us

Living City Farms is a small no-till farm in Northeast Ohio that uses agro-ecological and permaculture-inspired practices to care for the land and our community. We got our start by growing produce for the Akron-based vegan restaurant, Good Roots Ohio, and now offer our harvest publicly from our farm in Tallmadge and from farmers markets across Akron and Tallmadge. Living City Farms currently grows vegetables—everything from kale and lettuce to tomatoes and peppers and perennial fruit like elderberries and pawpaws.

Regenerative farming practices

Living City Farms grows local fresh produce regeneratively using methods that heal the land, soils, natural cycles, and our ecosystems. This includes no-till and permaculture farming principles, such as growing vegetables between rows of young fruit trees to make good use of our small acreage and ensure nutrient-rich food for our local community.

Farmer Rich

Farm Manager

Farmer Rich was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. The land, community, and experiences he encountered here have inspired him to dive deep into agriculture. Over the past 14 years, he’s studied and practiced aquaponics, permaculture, hydroponics, mushroom growing, microgreen production, growing medicinal herbs, and much more.

Before he joined Living City Farms in the spring of 2022, he spent the past decade working at a local non-profit farm in Summit Lake, Ohio; teaching 2nd & 3rd graders at Kentucky Gardens in Cleveland, Ohio; growing mushrooms in Eugene, OR and growing microgreens at Vigeo Gardens in Akron, Ohio to name a few places.

Farmer Rich has also worked with/for the Summit County Public Health Department in their Creating Healthy Communities Initiative. Through this program, he installed several gardens on the West side of Akron, and while teaching he grew meaningful relationships with the community members throughout the neighborhood.

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