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Nourishing land & community

Living City Farms is a small-scale regenerative farm. By growing fresh produce, we seek to heal the land and our connection with the natural world. Rooted in Northeast Ohio, we’re raising a diverse variety of vegetables and establishing native fruits in ways that nourish living soil, steward healthy ecosystems, and invite people back into relationship with food, land, and community.

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People with passion

Living City Farms is small but passionate. We’re committed to fostering a caring relationship between land, food, and community.

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Regenerative farming practices

We use farming methods that heal the land, soils, natural cycles, and ecosystems in which we farm. What does that mean?

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Farmers markets & more

A community-oriented organization, Living City Farms likes to keep busy. Find out about our local events and updates.

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We offer our fresh produce for purchase in our online store. The store is open for ordering every week throughout the growing season. Check to see if we’re accepting orders!

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