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Living City Farms is always looking for opportunities to learn, connect, and share the joy of regenerative growing. From farmers markets and farm-to-table dinners, to workshops and podcast interviews, we invite you to share in our journey too!



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Living City Farms Featured in a FRONT 2022 Art Exhibition & Environmental Project

"Lake Erie is suffering from hypoxia—lack of oxygen—created by agrochemical-laden runoff from fertilizers, suffocating many of its underwater species and threatening the health of the entire local ecosystem.

For Oh, Gods of Dust and Rainbows, London-based collective Cooking Sections has initiated a long-term project that looks at Ohio’s environmental futures through the current metabolic condition of Lake Erie and its surroundings. This takes the form of a site-specific installation in Lake Erie in conjunction with a multi-year social initiative." Read more...


Urban Farming Grows in Northeast Ohio but Faces Challenges

WKSU, September 17, 2021

TALLMADGE, Ohio — The idea of urban farming is a straightforward one. Take vacant, unused land in an urban setting and transform it into something that gives back to the community. And while urban farming is growing in Northeast Ohio, the farmers are still facing a host of challenges. Read more...


Partnerships, local connections keep Living City Farms growing

Farm and Dairy, June 23, 2021

TALLMADGE, Ohio — Living City Farms started out as an urban farm for Ms. Julie’s Kitchen, a vegan restaurant, in Akron. It’s growing bigger than that, now. But it’s still relying on connections to the restaurant and community. The farm and the restaurant are both owned by Good Place Holdings, a company that seeks to build up “good places” in the community, farm manager Steve Larson said. The farm receives funding from the organization, along with centralized and shared business resources, like accounting and marketing support. Read more... 

Local library systems lending more than books

WKYC.com, March 26, 2021

AKRON, Ohio — As the solar day continues to lengthen, gardeners prepare the soil in spaces, both large and small. Some say, "So what?" Many reply, "Sow seeds", but where to find them? Well, you can find them free at your local library. Steve Larson is with Living City Farms. He's prepping his vegetable beds and will soon be planting. Read more...

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Steve Larson of Living City Farms

The No-till Market Garden Podcast with Jesse Frost, March 22, 2021

Farmer Jesse talks with Steve Larson of Living City Farms in Akron, Ohio about urban agroecology, the power of no-till cover crops on succeeding cash crop response, compost dilemmas, the results of following the guidance of a few popular agronomists, and tempering our ideologies to include a broader range of tools in our ecological growing toolbox. A very grounding conversation. Listen here...